Fabric dealer×[ Collaboration Plan ]Size: S(14) Size: M(15) Size: L (16) washed once()Material: Cotton 100%(Cotton flannel with selvedges)Color: YellowPrice: 13,440 yen (Consumption tax included)The image is size L (16) shirt.This cotton flannel shirt is designed based on features of typical 1950’s working shirts.This shirt is washed once before its shipment.Cotton flannel shirts are standard items in American casual fashion,We offer you the shirts with three different colors.The yellow shirt can be worn by people in various generations.GG-11FW-06HeavyNel ShirtsYellow checkThe shirt is sewed by Union Special’s sewing machine,This shirt uses cotton flannel with selvedges woven by a shuttle loom.Rolled seam sawed by a chain-stitch sawing machine with two needles is adopted.Urea resin buttons are used.L/SGo to FacebookList of our dealers is here