Fabric dealer×[ Collaboration Plan ]Size: XS (13) Size; S (14) Size; M (15) washed once()Material: cotton 100 % (wabash stripe)Color: Navy and whitePrice: 12,390yen (Tax included)※The image is size XS (13).The wabash stripe shirt is designed based on typical work shirts in 1940’s.The shirt is washed once before its shipment.This time we put new size “13 (XS)”. 13 will be a cropped version of present size 14.GG-11FW-14Wabash strip work shirtsThe shirt is sewed by Union Special’s sawing machine.We feature “chin strap” when considering about detail of these age’s clothes.Cat’s eye urea resin buttons are used and in the bottom, selvedges are adoptedL/SGo to FacebookList of our dealers is here