We are a fabric dealer GENERAL RAG TEXTILE , who knows much about history and characteristics of fabrics.We get high quality fabrics inside Japan and imports dead stock fabrics from vintage fabric dealers abroad.The expert of fabrics makes clothes.The choice of fabric determines the quality of cloth. This is our motto.We offer you various fashion items that fit the display of vintage clothing stores.We deliver the items to vintage clothes freaks.About “ GENERAG ”We pick up fabrics that fit the atmosphere of 1940’s to 50’s. With our long experience and knowledge, we imports selected vintage fabrics from abroad. The items made in 40’s and 50’s have a characteristic, that’s “durability”. We imports fabrics used for military wears and heavy duty wears.Since 1980’s we have been connected to vintage clothing wear business. In Japan, 1980’s was a beginning of American vintage fashion boom. The boom spread from major cities to countryside, in 90’s the boom got into full swing rapidly, and the number of vintage clothing stores was increasing. Each shop had full of items in their stores.In 2000’s, in contrary to the number of shops, it was getting difficult to get vintage items for each shop. Even if we know that if we can imports items from abroad we can sell them.But the stocks of vintage clothes are dried up now, and the situation continues.GENERAG gives its high priority to fabrics that have an atmosphere of 1940’s and 50’s.Therefore, the clothes we want make should have an atmosphere of these ages.The clothes featuring characteristics of 40’s and 50’s are hot selling lines in vintage clothing stores.We never make “fake”vintage clothes. We make clothes that look almost vintages, without unnecessary process.The outfits that totally match displays of vintage clothing stores are ones we want to offer. We deliver such items to vintage clothing freaks.Products